I love bodyweight exercises. You can do them anywhere. They don’t require tons of space or equipment. They can be modified to be easier or more difficult. They build muscle, which is what you want if you would like to burn fat. Mark Lauren doesn’t give you just a few examples to choose from. He shows you exercises to challenge so many muscles and gives you various ways to build programs to combat boredom and plateaus. This is my favorite exercise book to date. I have gotten amazing results using these exercises.

This is the first book I read that got me to understand nutrition a little better and, therefore, encouraged me to consider my choices before consumption. I wasn’t lost, confused or overwhelmed with the concepts. I became educated about how to properly fuel my body to gain every benefit from exercising. Don’t be put off by the title, Jackie Warner has learned a great deal about how to keep herself looking incredible and is sharing the information!

Every woman should read this. Honestly, if I hear one more female say, “I don’t want to lift weights because I’ll get too bulky”, I’m going to scream. Women tend to forget that men naturally have more testosterone to help build and keep muscle. Any woman who thinks it takes that little effort to “bulk up” needs to just give it a try firsthand. The dedication it requires for figure competitors to build muscle begins with properly fueling your body to feed the growing/repairing muscles after the workout. If it happened to be that easy, wouldn’t you be able to get nice toned muscles & just not go beyond? Wouldn’t everyone be nicely toned? Educate yourself and maximize your efforts while working out.    

Who doesn’t love a great low-impact/no-impact exercise that gives amazing results? My friend Alexis says, “it’s like yoga on crack”.

A padded, weighted bar is a nice addition to your equipment. It’s perfect for the person ready to add weight for squats without being too much, and nice for those forearm exercises (to give you just a few examples).

Thick mats are so much nicer than a yoga mat for anything other than yoga and/or PiYo on the floor!

Ahhh, an Ultimate Sandbag! My favorite and most used piece of equipment. I use it for so many things AND it won’t ruin my floors! Great for HIIT too. Mine is pink and it’s true love!

I love these.  When you consider that you’ll pay around $2 per pound for weights, these are a serious bargain. Saves on space and is so much cheaper. I waited a long time before caving & buying these. My regret is not getting them sooner. I looked into the other brands, but these came out on top for me.

A soft, adjustable kettle bell is the way to go! Saves space, won’t destroy your floors or wrists and can be used for one of the most over-all effective exercises, the kettle bell swing.

I asked my husband for this for Christmas. I never thought I’d like it as much as I do. It’s extremely versatile and helps beat boredom!

I like to use my medicine ball for ab workouts. It’s smaller and easier to manage than my sandbag when I’m doing things like Mason Twists and I can toss it up and catch it between sides.


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