Happy Muscles, Pain Management and Mobility

Have you ever worked out your shoulders and back and afterward felt like someone is stabbing you between your shoulder blades?  Have you heard of trigger point therapy, foam rolling or myofascial release?  After workouts your muscles usually feel tight and tired because you have stressed them.   The guy in the gym using the foam roller after his workout knows how to keep those muscles happy.  He’s on to something everyone should know about.  That something is trigger point therapy.

If you exercise, no matter how frequently or what you choose to do, you can benefit from learning this form of self-massage.  Injuries are another good reason to look into this therapy.  Trigger point therapy can reduce pain, increase mobility and circulation.  Increasing circulation usually means faster healing.  images

Having injuries, aches and pains, back issues and/or a job that is physically demanding requires a person to listen to their body.  If you have ever had back problems you know what it is like to live in fear that your pain will return.  The thoughts and questions are in the back of your mind: how long will I lose work, how will I care for my children and family, how will I perform certain tasks like getting in and out of my car, when will the pain cease, how and when will I begin to feel better? Those are just a few.  If you have ever had any other injury or recurring pain, you are also acutely aware that it may be a problem in the future.

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies is easily one of my favorite and most used books.  It is also the first book I usually tell everyone about because it addresses the entire body.  I strongly believe that it should be translated in every language and in every home around the world.  Clair Davies clearly cared about helping other people manage their pain and injuries.

Taking the time to read this book and learn the techniques is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  It requires very little financial investment to get a few tools and it isn’t rocket science.  Once you begin to feel the results and regain mobility,  your life is forever changed!  I have learned to listen to my body and I see my doctor when I need to, but most times I can manage my issues successfully because of this book and a few simple tools.

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