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I became a Jamberry Nails Consultant after trying the wraps at a wellness fair on June 7, 2015.

Before I discovered Jamberry, I didn’t get or give myself manicures because it never lasted more than an hour before my nail polish had chipped. I work with my hands and my nails are usually in rough shape. I loved doing my nails before I had children, when I had a abundance of time – some of you can relate!  I chose to use the few spare moments I do have to do things that didn’t make me feel frustrated and like I wasted that precious time.  In other words, I would rarely give myself a manicure even though I missed having pretty nails.

The wraps lasted 18 DAYS.  They lasted through my regular job waitressing and bartending, my usual household chores, The Dirty Dash Mud Run (I ran, climbed and crawled on June 20th) and still looked shiny and brand new until June 24th, when I went to the ocean and used oil and sunblock, went swimming and played in the sand.  Finally, the edges started to peel.

I have tried all kinds of regular polish, LED, and other wraps.  Nothing compares to these.

If you decide to join our Awesome Jamberry Team please email Terry Barahona and put Joined Jamberry in the subject so I can give you all of the information to get started!





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