My 5 Tips To Set Yourself Up For Success With Anything

Making a decision about what it is you would like to achieve is the first step.  If you really want something you put your mind, heart and soul into making the changes required attaining that goal.  “It is in the moment of decision that our destiny is shaped” – Tony Robbins.

Have A Heart Of Gratitude
Wake up every day and acknowledge all of the things for which you are grateful.  Having a heart of gratitude keeps you focused on positivity, which keeps you moving in the right direction.  Get into this habit first thing every morning and before you go to sleep every night.


Acknowledging the wonderful parts of your life opens you up to receiving more amazing benefits.  I hate to use the term things here because it really isn’t about stuff or money.  It can be about those “things”, but usually it’s about so much more.  If it is about the stuff or money, be honest with yourself, that’s ok too.

Money is just a necessary tool to increase our time freedom.  Time is the one thing we have some control over that we cannot get back.  We must do our best to use it wisely. Therefore, it is imperative you realize and appreciate what you have.  Tell the people you love and care about exactly how you feel.  This Is Your WHY People!!!!  The motivator that propels you to get whatever it is you want.  Make sure you are honest with yourself about your WHY.  You want to be authentic and motivated, so keep it congruent!!!  Check out Happier Human 31 Benefits of Gratitude.


Make Your Plan, Set Goals, Write Them Down & Keep Them Visible

Studies show that the simple act of writing your goals/plans can increase the chances you will follow through, get things accomplished and have success.  If you are serious about your decision you will set short and long-term goals for yourself. The most successful people are usually the ones who make a plan,write it down and refer to it frequently.  Check it out at

Focusing or meditating on your goals throughout the day is also like peeking at the list.  It brings you reminds you to do a little more, stay on track and hold yourself accountable.

Self Awareness
Gary Vaynerchuk put out a great compilation vlog on this very subject.  Check it out here  (Language Alert!!! for those of you easily offended or with children)

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key to setting yourself up to succeed. Everyone has both, so why not get to know yours and use that to your advantage. Instead of focusing on and obsessing about your weaknesses, which ultimately will sabotage your efforts, focus on your strengths.
For example:  You are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle and you know you are good at planning ahead, but get cravings late at night for sweets or salty things that aren’t on your new menu.   Rather than fear facing what lies ahead, you need to be aware and make a plan. That may include planning and prepping meals & snacks and/or pitching the junk foods.  Whatever it takes!

Eat Your Frog(s) First
Mark Twain said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”.

Brian Tracy says, “If you have two frogs, eat the ugliest one first”. Check it out here.  images-15

This is awesome advice for people who have trouble self-starting or staying motivated.  I know I need to exercise daily, but as a mother and a wife I often put it aside to get my time (which happens to be my exercise time) to get other things checked off my To Do list.  Paying bills, food shopping, housework, etc., all seem to nag me.  I love to exercise and I know that it doesn’t matter when I do it, as long as I get it done.  The same can be said for my chores.  However, I know from experience that exercising first creates a sense of accomplishment and energizes me to get so many other things done that day. I also don’t have the guilt associated with skipping workouts, which also leads to lack of energy, poor choices with food and robs my body of those endorphins I need to feel l can take on any challenge and combat stress.

Exercise is my “frog” because if I don’t make the time for it I know I am setting myself up for failure for the rest of my week.

One of my favorite quotes:

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.”     -Paul J Meyer

Do you have any tips for setting yourself up for success?  Please leave them in the comments!

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