This is my favorite self-help book (aka self-treatment)! Everybody needs one! Check out my blog post about it here.

I have had my Theracane for 14yrs.  I consider it a necessity for anyone with back/neck/shoulder issues.

I never leave home without two of these. I keep them in my car just in case I have a back issue suddenly strike. Better than tennis balls for people who like a deeper massage and have trigger point issues.


Sometimes, even when I keep up with exercising, my shoulder is not happy. I had an injury years ago that I pay close attention to so it doesn’t get out of hand and create havoc in my back and neck. The technique in this book is my first “go to” for relief. It works every time!!!!

If you have injuries that benefit from taping you should learn the techniques and use the best tape (below)!  I paid close attention when my doctor did this for me. It is extremely beneficial, but gets expensive quickly if you have a doctor doing it for you.

Rock Tape is the best I have used.


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